Is it too late to move to France? (For UK citizens, post-Brexit)

Not at all. You can still move here but you can’t apply for Residency from outside France so we will help you work out which initial visa is best for you.

Are your services only for British people?

No, we assist people from all over the world who need help with French administration. That includes people who are already here in France.

How long before my move should I contact you?

We recommend that you contact us 4 months before you plan to move so we can help make sure that all the loose ends are tied up and everything goes smoothly. 


What if you are unable to deliver a service?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver a service, even if it is because French regulations have changed.

What are your payment options?

You can pay online via bank transfer or credit/debit card. We also offer split payments for some of our services.

Will my personal data be safe?

Yes. Your data is encrypted and is only shared with the necessary French authorities if we are making an application on your behalf.

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