Our Packages


Moving to France

- Residency application (carte de séjour / Visa)

- French health insurance (carte Vitale)

- Micro-entrepreneur status (URSSAF)

We help with form-filling, gathering all necessary documents, arranging certified translations, ensuring that you submit a complete application, making inquiries on your behalf and a follow-up on any additional requests you might receive.


Car Registration

Getting your car registered has never been easier. We take care of all the application process for you and we can offer you amazing rates on car transport from the UK to your new home in France, or France -> U.K.

We also offer if needed:

-Purchase of a new car in the U.K, with inspection and safe pay (you pay us, we inspect the vehicle for you and if you are satisfied we then pay the seller)

-Vehicle drop off for an MOT or Servicing

-We will buy any RHD car in France and any LHD car in the U.K that you would like to sell

Business Creation

- Registering as a micro-entrepreneur (URSSAF, ACCRE)

- Getting you in touch with an accountant 

- Website and social media page creation

You've got the idea... have us take care of the formalities.

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