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Relocating to a new country can come with many obstacles, so let us help you find your new home instead. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, we can help!

Real expert 
Richard, our Director, is here to help you find your dream home!
Real experience 
Over 10 years’ of experience in buying, selling and renting properties
Real local knowledge 
Richard comes with a fantastic understanding of the French property market and way of negotiating
Real customer service 
A personalised service for your situation and budget
When you hire French Connections HCB, benefits include:

- We work for you and have your best interests at heart. We will take considerable time to understand your personal situation, criteria, and full wish list for your dream home.

- You can feel confident in understanding all of the essential info, explained fully in  English. This is key to sidestepping mistakes that could potentially cost you time and money.

- We'll support you for your entire move and lifestyle change, not just advice on the property.

- You save time, because you’ll know the process and timelines and will only visit properties with real ‘dream home’ potential.

- We have a vast network of nationwide property partners, along with a great understanding of buying properties directly from owners too.

- Once you've decided on the property for you, we'll ensure you have everything required to feel confident when you sign.

- We understand that alongside your property purchase you will need to stay mobile, and we also have immense experience and contacts within the motor industry, so can help you there if you wish!


Meet Jon Page - Our Property Advisor

Jon has over 30 years experience in sales management within the wines and spirits sector.
After recently selling the family farm he decided to exchange grape and grain for bricks and mortar in France.

Experiencing processes first hand and benefitting directly from the services offered by Richard, Jon can give you a perspective from a UK investor.
He freely admits that by having this valuable insight he can focus on the important things in life -wine, golf and classic cars.


Our goals are to help you make informed choices, and help you find your dream home

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