After many years of assisting people from all over the world to start a new life in France, we understand that admin and paperwork can be tricky if French isn’t your first language.


We can help quickly and efficiently with any aspect of living here, backed by some of the best lawyers, bankers, insurers, and accountants in France.


Administrative Assistance

One thing you’ll notice about living in France is that there’s a fair amount of admin. This is particularly true when it comes to essential procedures such as visas, residency applications, health care, social security and even car registration. It can sometimes be complicated, but more often than not it’s just a matter of understanding which form is required and knowing how to fill it in correctly. We can also help with gathering together all the necessary supporting documents, arranging certified translations, asking questions on your behalf and navigating any sticking points. Often it’s a question of picking up the phone and talking to somebody in the right administrative department – we have those connections and can do that too.


Property Consultancy

Buying property in France is very different to the ‘chain’ process in the UK and other countries. In many ways, it’s a simpler system, but you need to watch out for pitfalls because once you’ve paid your deposit, you are committed to the purchase. 

In France, the estate agent is usually paid by the seller not the buyer, so it’s good to have somebody on your side who knows what to look out for. We can find your dream property, handle all the paperwork and advise you on how to conduct negotiations. 

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Financial Advice

Our in-house qualified financial advisor can help with anything from cross- border taxation and inheritance planning to tax-effective investments.


Business Consultancy

Setting up a business is no small job, let alone in another country. One of the most crucial steps is to ensure you select the correct business structure, especially in France where there are so many categories. We’ll explain the differences between them and work with you to determine the best solution for you.

The reason you need to be careful which new business option you choose is that each one comes with specific benefits and disadvantages, usually related to the amount of tax and social charges you’ll pay. Our expert help when you’re setting up can save you thousands of euros every year.

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